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Bitely Registration

Procedure to partner with Bitely

Online food ordering is gradually on the rise and this has awaken several restaurants to partner with Bitely. The procedure to partner with Bitely is given below.

Step 1: Contact Bitely

To partner with UniqueOn, the restaurant has to leave an enquiry on the organization’s Partner Registration Webpage.

Step 2: Connecting with a Sales Representative

A sales representative from Bitely will connect with the applicants.

Step 3: Meeting/have online interaction with Sales Representative

A Representative of UniqueOn will meet the applicant in person to determine their demands and other requirements.

Step 4: Agreeing with Terms and Conditions

The applicant and the sales representatives must enter into an agreement.

Step 5: Gathering of Records

After agreeing to the terms, a few fundamental records are gathered and dissected within a couple of days.

Step 6: Becoming a partner

After the completion of these formalities, the restaurants will be conferred as partners of Bitely.

Documents Required

  1. The following are the documents required to become a Bitely partner.
  2. Document portraying restaurant proof.
  3. Partnership PAN Card.
  4. A cancelled cheque for UniqueOn Tech Services,PVT.
  5. A copy of GST Registration and the tax details.
  6. Details of the proprietors.